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"His paintings seek to evoke the soul; they transform the viewer. We are on a verge of a seismic shift in consciousness which will bring his work to the forefront of developments."


George H Lewis.

James Vaulkhard is a Kenyan-born, London-Based visual artist specializing in classical realism and statutory arts. He holds a Bachelors Degree in History of Art from Leeds University and has trained and taught at Charles Cecil Studios and Studio Della Statua in Florence.


Over his four-year period in Florence, James gained a prominent reputation for his ability to embrace and manifest traditional techniques in both his portrait and sculpture work. In 2013, he was commissioned to participate in a bridge project between Italy and Kenya, developing the preliminary studies for the Kericho Cathedral in collaboration with local Kenyan sculptors. A year later, he relocated to London and continued to develop his artistic style, moving towards a more experimental category of visual expression.


His present work revisits and refracts his roots in portraiture, taking his subjects from popular culture, and crafting images that are at once naturalistic, representing a commitment to the rendering of optical reality but also incorporating a multi-media approach with elements of collage work at the forefront. He still continues to work with oil paint, having recently completed a portrait of Kenyan president Daniel Arap Moi, yet is also presently focused on his collage series which features the seven James Bond characters represented and given form by erotic, bondage images.


He’s taken a similar approach in his unauthorized 2017 portrait of Donald Trump, applauded and embraced by the liberal community, created from cuttings of historical dictators and political tyrants.


He’s currently expanding the scope of this collection, continuing to take inspiration from a diversity of current cultural artefacts, as he applies this approach to a forthcoming series of new portraits.




2018 May- Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

2018 March- Stonewall Equality Dinner

2018 March- The Other Art Fair

2017 December –  Southhampton hospital Charity Fundraiser, Highclere Castle

2017 November- Unit London, Covent Garden, London

2017 September/October- Le Dame Art Gallery at Melia White House, Regents Park, London

2017 June- Framers Gallery, Fitzrovia, London

2017 June- The Rose & Kings Gallery, Mayfair, London

2017 June – The 57th Venice Biennale, Viva Arte Viva. Venice Art House

2017 May- Vanessa Grant Trust projects, Brambletye school

2016 September- Out of the Ordinary,
2016 September- Art for Youth, Mall Galleries
2016 June- Artbelow’s Queen Themed, The Tabernacle, London (
2017 March- The Other Art Fair, Londoncelebating
Elizabeth ll 90th)

2016 May- Vanessa Grant Trust projects, Brambletye school
2016 March- Artbelow’s Bondage, South Palace Hotel, London
2016 February- Bricklane Gallery, London
2015 December- Oil & Water Gallery, London
2015 August- Galleria Pall Mall summer show, London
2015 July -Artbelow group show, Muse Gallery, London

2015 May- Vanessa Grant Trus

2014 September- Framers Gallery
2014 December- Oil & Water Gallery, London
2014 December- Group show, Studio141, London
2015 February- Art of Angel, Candid art trust, London
projects, Brambletye schooltFitzrova, London
2014 August- Sargent today, Fairford, UK
2014 June- Artbelow’s Summer show, Westbank Gallery, London

2014 May- Vanessa Grant Trust projects, Brambletye school
2014 February- Artbelow’s Stations of the Cross, Marylebone Parish Church
2013 October -Oil & Water Gallery, London
2013 June- Solo show, Studio141, London
2012- Solo show, Muthagia club, Nairobi, Kenya
2011 December- Royal society of portrait painters annual exhibition, Mall Galleries, London